Malts - A Successful Blend of Art and Science . . .

Pale Ale Malts

Fawcett's has kept abreast of technological progress in the malting industry without losing sight of traditional and proven methods. Today, Fawcett's remain as one of the few Maltsters still operating a floor maltings in conjunction with a saladin maltings and a state of the art automated germinating kilning vessel (GKV).

Malt quality and variety are tailored to customers' needs. We strive always to maintain the fine balance between high extracts and enhanced mash tun performance. Fawcett's Ale malt is produced from the best winter barley varieties available - Maris Otter, Halcyon and Pipkin are the main varieties used today. Spring varieties are used occasionally for specific contracts.

Coloured Malts

The Company produces an extensive range of coloured malt products from the palest caramalts through the crystal colour range to the darkest chocolate and black malts. As with white malt, consistency is vitally important. The company operates roasting machines that roast between 0.5 tonne and one tonne of product at a time. As with all forms of cooking, better results come from smaller batch sizes.

Special Malts and Adjuncts

The Company produces small quantities of wheat malt and oat malt and is able to supply torrefied wheat.

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Quality Control

The Company operates a full time laboratory responsible for checking and analysing every barley and every malt product. An analysis is provided with each delivery so that customers know exactly what to expect from the malt.

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